Lizards in the Bathtub – LYRICS

 Pick up the morning paper -
Watch the evening news - Nearly everything on the menu
Is the story of the blues..
It's like a nightmare that's unfolding, with every passing day..
And the people are getting anxious there's an agenda on the way..
But it's alright, cos we all  have the free will
To flee or fight
And the free will to choose
The way we think about ourselves
And others and whether
We win or loose..

I'm feeling grand,  I'm feel alright
Never let those lizards in the bathtub
Keep me up all night.
I feel no fear, I believe in love
Those lizards in the bathtub ain't the only ones
Connected to the true power of the Universe
 So I'll switch off the television.
Don't believe everything in the mainstream.
I'm an information warrior always looking for the right education.
Kick back with my lady, shut that bathroom door
Those lizards in the bathtub ain't gonna worry me no more
Whatever happens, whatever they throw at us
Whatever it takes, we will get by..
Honey there's only love left in a world that never seen a time
When the stakes are so high...
I feel alright, I'm feeling grand
Those lizards in the bathtub will never ruin this sacred land
I feel no fear, I live with love
Those lizards in the bathtub have no power over us..
Because the one true power - is the Universe.