Lizards in the Bathtub

Image stills for the video in progress for Lizards in the Bathtub.

The song Lizards in the Bathtub, from the album Providence, is inspired by the theories of David Icke. The lizards being the global elite who thrive on squeezing the general public and the environment; profiteering, creating financial wars with world misery and poverty. The people of the west are living and surviving where income barely meets the rising living costs as energy and housing and food have soared over the last 10 years. Others across the world are exploited and left starving and without the basic needs for living.

How can we live without feeling this pressure upon us to keep our loved ones and family safe? How can we stay in the realms of spiritual love and evoke peace with all this going on?

Lizards in the Bathtub lyrics is basically about how we DO have the strength and free will to do something about our rights and freedoms. Although this track was written in 2009, it is a mock and a humoured angle of this predicament to imply that we are OK and will do whatever it will take, over however long it will take!