Spelt Like This - marketing advert for new record release 'Contract of the Heart' 1985

Spelt Like This

The recent article ‘Mis-Spelt?’ written by Stephen O’Brien, looks at the ambitious but ultimately troubled collaboration between the fledgling Stock Aitken Waterman production team and high-profile EMI pop act Spelt Like This.  It is an interesting insight to the music industry in the  mid 1980s. Spelt Like This was a three-piece band comprising of three talented musicians, […]


Musicvideo for Selfish. Written by Alin Karna and Hazel O’Connor originally on Hazel’s album “To Be Freed”.   Alin co-wrote other tracks on that album and toured the UK with her as her bass and lead guitarist in the early 1990’s. Video artwork and production by K E M

Lizards in the Bathtub

Image stills for the video in progress for Lizards in the Bathtub. The song Lizards in the Bathtub, from the album Providence, is inspired by the theories of David Icke. The lizards being the global elite who thrive on squeezing the general public and the environment; profiteering, creating financial wars with world misery and poverty. […]