Spelt Like This

Spelt Like This - marketing advert for new record release 'Contract of the Heart' 1985

Spelt Like This – marketing advert for new record release ‘Contract of the Heart’ 1985.

The recent article ‘Mis-Spelt?’ written by Stephen O’Brien, looks at the ambitious but ultimately troubled collaboration between the fledgling Stock Aitken Waterman production team and high-profile EMI pop act Spelt Like This.  It is an interesting insight to the music industry in the  mid 1980s.

Spelt Like This was a three-piece band comprising of three talented musicians, managed by Tom Watkins (who would later manage Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17) and signed to EMI Records. The band, as with many of that period, was promoted with an elaborate marketing campaign and boasted production from the hot production team of Stock Aitken Waterman.

The story of Spelt Like This starts with Tom Watkins. Watkins was, by the mid 1980s, an emerging music industry figure…

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Alin Karna: In His Own Words

Songwriter, musician and producer Alin Karna has had a long career in the music industry, but he is known to Stock Aitken Waterman fans as the lead singer of Spelt Like This.  Stephen O’Brien approached Alin whilst researching his detailed article on Spelt Like This, and not only was he kind enough to answer his questions, he actually wrote so much material that it was felt it would be a crime to only use it for quotes and additional details for the article.  So, Alin and I have reworked the Q&As into this fascinating account – in Alin’s own words — which gives a real insight into his career, the Spelt Like This saga, working with SAW and the record industry in the mid-1980s…

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